Yoga in the classroom for teachers

The movement to bring yoga and mindfulness to children in schools is blooming. The limited resources are outsourced to contractors that come once a week to deliver mindfulness or yoga sessions in the classroom or school clubs.
BUT what is yet again being neglected is the teachers; those that can have the greatest impact of all to our children; what is being neglected is the impact the kids have on the teachers.

Anecdotal evidence shows us that being a school teacher is one of the most stressful jobs there is. The classroom is a stressful environment and everyone in that room contributes to the stress and achievements of the students.
Although the government has accepted that yoga can help students in their learning journey, teacher’s still remain at the back of the line with in service days mostly focusing on curriculum or addressing issues that students face.
BUT (again) beyond teaching AND looking after the children, they MUST also look after themselves.

“You can’t pour from an empty cup”, they say… but there is little support, funding, or time dedicated to filling-up the teachers’ cups; each and everyone of them that pours energy, knowledge and unconditional love to the learning of the children. 

Drawing deeply from all my university and yoga teacher trainings as well as my experience of working with children as a yoga teacher I have designed a workshop that targets teachers’ wellbeing.
– Improved self-awareness of thoughts, emotions, and behaviour.
– Improved empathy and compassion, for self and others
– Reduced stress, burnout, depression and anxiety
– Reduced reactivity and negativity

Contact me if you want to hear how you can also support your staff in your school.

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