Practice Yoga at home

Tips to help you enjoy your online yoga practices

As the world is increasingly closing their doors and staying at home to protect their own and others’ health the online world is opening their doors to a range of services: social groups, meditation groups, group exercise and of course yoga.
I have always been a big fan of short, pre-recorded yoga practices and a big fan of online yoga training, so on the 16th of March I made the final arrangements to take my classes and training online.
With my students’ and myself’s safety in mind I invested on a microphone, lightbox and wide lense and of course I invested on a Zoom subscription.
I was ready and my 1st venture online was an 8.5h course delivery.

chair based yoga training online
Chair Based Yoga training online

After the successful delivery of a full day yoga workshop, I was ready to take my yoga classes online. My students on the other hand had their reservartions.
For some the technology required to attend a live online yoga class was far too hard to handle; for others there was no space in their homes and some could not contemplate how to handle attending yoga from home on top of working from home and home -schooling.
Although I disagreed with all of those barriers there was one thing we all agreed on, it was not quite the same. Human interaction was not quite the same through the screen.
As the weeks of lockdown turned into months we all also agreed on another thing: we need yoga now more than ever.

online yoga classes zoom

So here are some tips that will help you enjoy yoga online from the comfort and safety of your home.

Download, install and test the tech. Become familiar with the controls and test it out. Also test out sound and display and check if there is a need to project screen on the tv or to use wireless headphones.

Set a reminder for your class on your phone. It is easy to forget when at home

Clear out enough room for you to move freely on and around your mat. Preferably practice somewhere where you won’t be disturbed.

Have all you need at arms reach. A yoga mat, a yoga block, a blanket and an eye pillow are some of the props I use in my yoga practices. It is an infinitely better experience when these are at reach, especially for savasana (my favourite pose).

Wear clothes that moves with you and will not make you too hot during the practice. Bear in mind that your home would normally be warmer than a yoga studio.

Check in for your class 5 min early. Allow for time to set up and settle into your practice, the same way you would at a studio.

Yoga is more fun together.

You made it and the “Zoom Gods” are working in your favour, so It is ok to take the “easy” option during your practice and just enjoy.

For the patience and time, for the devotion to the practice; life would be so much harder without it. Thank yourself for turning up.

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