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Covid19 has recently meant that many families are currently home-schooling.
This has been challenging at the least, tiring mostly in its entity and finally frustrating for both parents and children.

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I do not speak 1st hand in this though. My son is in an independent school and therefore schooling is still provided to us virtually.
My son has taken it upon himself and committed his time and effort to his classes. I sit in awe as he prepares his desk and notes to sit in front of his computer for yet another day, independant, responsible amazing!!

However amazing the children have been though, all of them and us, parents & teachers, realised how much harder it is. Very soon into this process of home schooling things became tiresome and rather boring, we realised how little significance has been given to play and the kids happiness.
Realising this, our amazing school dedicated a whole day in the middle of the week for extracurricular activities and it is not surprising that kids engaged, attended and most importantly had fun.
It was very much the same for our local judo club, whose online clubs and challenges are enthusiastically attended by kids and adults. it is obvious that kids craved the interaction, kids craved to connect and play again.

kids yoga online aberdeen

Play matters. art, hand-work, movement, they all do and right now we have been let down by our educational system. All extra-curricular activities vanished and little suggestion has been given to parents on what to do next.
Joe Wicks potentially owes his success right now entirely to the failings of the educational system and well done to him for being of service to our communities every day… though I am unsure I could move after 3 days of trying…

Things have been a little more interactive with zoom in my kids classes and I wanted to share these tips to allow children to have a “funner” experiencing while attending activities online with their favourite coaches.

SET UP FOR SUCCESS: Tips to assisting your children to have fun during yoga (or other extra-curricular activities).

1. Clear out some space to allow for your child(ren) to move freely without hurting themselves or hitting (breaking) anything. 
2. Place a yoga mat down for them and make sure they can move freely and safely on and around their mat.
3. Login in 5min early and make sure they can see and hear instructions OK. 
4. If possible, mirror smaller screens on your tv.
5. If possible, show them how to use interactive controls (zoom for example. mute/unmute, camera etc)
6. Finally, try and take part, yoga is more fun together <3

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