The classroom is such a busy place to be for both the children and the teachers. The Classroom is where kids and teachers spend the majority of their time.
A place to make friends, learn, and for the children to literally grow up, the classroom needs to be harmonious, a place you’d want to come back to.
A place to learn reading, writing & numbers, a place where lifetime friendships are forged.


School curriculums are demanding, loaded with “homework” & overloaded with extra curricular activities.
The growing technological world also means that the world our kids are growing up in is changing everyday.
There is very little “free” time for kids to play and be “bored”.
Everything is ready, right in front of them and the choices of what to do are endless.

Endless possibilities grabbing kids attention in every living moment, endless choices of things to do and often an endless to-do-list, for the parents also.
With all this choice, there is no time to stop and “just be”.
With all this choice, there is plenty of time to be busy, stressed and distracted, increasingly fearing of missing out…

What are we missing out on though?

Realistically your kids are missing out on eye contact, true life long friendships, time outdoors, being active, time to read a book for the sake of reading it. Realistically they are missing out on human connection and being present.

Yoga can help!

The yoga practices, as described in the Patanjali Sutras can really help.
The sutras in fact become the roadmap to complete wellbeing in schools and classrooms.

yoga in the classroom
sutras roadmap to wellbeing

Through the practical and fun application of yoga children are:

  • Provided with opportunities for introspection and self-discovery.
  • Supported to be health, happy, and have greater sense of self.
  • At peace in both body and mind.
  • Able to self regulate emotional responses

Several studies in fact exist that explore and declare how beneficial yoga is within schools. it often sounds too good to be true.
Looking at those studies closely though, I realise that movement, breathing and fun relaxation techniques interrupt the stress kids feel and in a way reset their perspective of any situation.
Awareness of tension brought through the practice of yoga over time has also been key in these reports, allowing children to recognise how they feel and “let go” bringing their focus back to learning.

Yoga in the Classroom

Yoga in the classroom is a short training course for school and yoga teachers that enables them to take yoga to the classroom.
The idea behind this course was that it would allow children to practice yoga more regularly and remove barriers such as that of space and time needed for extra curricular yoga classes.

Yoga in the classroom provides you with ideas and techniques that can be applied to practice yoga with the children in the classroom and:

  • Help children be more engaged in their learning.
  • Promote better health, wellbeing and behaviour in the classroom
  •  Improve focus and involvement.
  • Provide an uncomplicated, convenient & cost-effective way to incorporate yoga in the school curriculum.
  • Make yoga accessible and all other benefits to all students through the use of the chair.

A wonderful tool that makes yoga more tangible to children.