back to school

3 things that Covid-19 has taught me.

My son is back at school! Horrah, for all of us!
A happy child makes a happy family. He is delighted to be back and so are we.

As we are slowly coming out of lockdown I want some of the pandemic lessons to be carried forward. As he goes back to school I want him to see that there is greater value in life lessons than simply getting great grades.

1. Gratitude

First and foremost gratitude above everything!
Gratitude is the foundation of achievement. Only with a grateful heart we can achieve our goals.
Gratitude fuels our efforts to learn and progress
Gratitude shows the universe what we want more in our lives.
However bad life is I woke up today to try again
However badly I failed at least I tried and I learnt.

I want my son to learn to appreciate the good for what it is in support of what he does and the bad for the lessons they provide, the experience.
There is no such thing as wasted effort or love or experience.

2. Making Space

Space to me means creating intentions and shifts in my relationships.
The hardest relationship has always been that with my son and having him around at home all day, in this pandemic has tested me a little bit…
I had to make space for patience to grow through my yoga practice.
I made room for patience to appear everyday through breath and movement.
I made space in my mind by letting go of expectations for his behaviour or words, space for my heart to grow in empathy, this struggle is his too.
Space for him to learn and grow instead of me taking over by simply doing it all.

I want my son to recognise that growing up is hard and to allow for himself to feel frustrated and uncomfortable as he grows up. To give himself space, in terms of time, rest and patience.
I want him to rid of expectations for grades and achievements, but to just immerse himself in the learning experience. To make room for his mistakes and to accept how hard learning can be, but also very rewarding and enjoyable.

3. Resilience

“Hardship is good”, an ironic concept to comprehend. As certain aspects of our lives challenge us, and what greater than a global pandemic, we get creative and adapt, we bounce back and that is what resilience is about; bouncing back.

As my son returns back to school I want him to remain positive in the face of adversity and to recognise daily what is good about going back, or about the challenges he faces in school or with his peers.
By shifting his perspective on what is good he can bounce back from “failure” and carry on, try again or try something different.

It is easy to get stuck in a negative situation. Learning to accept that things, emotions and situations are not permanent and that “this storm will pass” is essential to learning and growth.

This pandemic will pass too and we will all bounce back for the better, not just the normal.

bouncing back <3

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