maria jones yuva yoga


…some rules:

  • You must be fit and healthy to practice and not practising against doctor’s advice.
  • Let it feel good to your body, move mindfully.
  • If anything that’s suggested doesn’t feel right, return to previous pose that did, take the alternative or do something different. 
  • Oh, and feel free to just listen to the class. Visualizing going through the yoga postures is a beautiful way to practice. 

It is my real pleasure to be able to offer you this – there is a silver lining to Covid and that is these practices.
It has been good to connect with everyone in my classes (Sundays 9am).
Please feel free to drop me a line with your requests for future classes.


Hatha Yoga

Aimed to be 1h long or less, so grab a yoga mat and a couple of blankets.
All other props are optional!
Let’s Flow!

Oh my legs!!

Originally aired on the 31st of May this practice “plays” with squats and star pose (floating mon) to work on your standing strength and balance.
Grab a chair or work near the wall if you prefer.

Yin and Restorative

How little can we do, is the purpose of this practice. Relax, rest, restore. Originally aired on the 14th of May.


Originally aired on the 14th of June: It was exactly what we all needed, not necessarily what we all wanted.

A Shih Tzu Invasion

A real hatha flow class. Strong and satisfying. Originally aired on the 7th of June; a shih tzu special!!

The Back of The Body

Stretching and strengthening the back of the body.
Originally aired on the 10th of May.

Dynamic and Yin

Start dynamically with a bit of energy clearing then settle into our own body with some yin and meditation. Originally aired on the 30th April (you might also appreciate the use of a block or chair).

Working through the Doshas

Starting dynamically to move prana (Kapha) to building heat in our legs and body (pitta) to a more relaxed pace and style to tame the vatas of this world!
originally aired on the 28th of June.

Dragon Inspired Hatha Flow

Dragon inspired vinyasa flow class. There’s definitely a warrior 3 there or two. Originally aired on the 5th of July. Notice the new addition in the background.

Janu Sirsasana love

Let me share a secret for this practice, there is a Janu Sirsasana pose there… or a few. Originally aired on the 26th of July.

Pure Yin

I studied yin for years and always loved the practice, but during my holiday I did a full day workshop with Bernie Clark on yin yoga and absolutely loved it.
This class is inspired by the training and just aims to move your spine is all directions. Originally aired on the 23rd of August 2020.

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Thank you!

Big love, Maria x