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The Chair Based Yoga Manual


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Instead of wondering every week what to practice, simply fill in the gaps. This manual will show you the exact framework I use to deliver classes that create opportunities for incredible transformation through the practices of chair based yoga

Was your yoga training geared towards more abled bodies?

elderly mana hands

Are your students’ challenges greater than you thought?

▪ Limited arm and leg mobility
▪ Limited Standing strength and balance
▪ Experienced a fall
▪ Experiencing pain when moving

I was there too!

😥 Overwhelmed by my students’ challenges I felt I was serving no one!

😥 I was constantly looking for ways to practice yoga with them safely & effectively.

😥 I was spending more time designing my classes than actually delivering them.

Is yoga truly for everyone?

How can a yoga teacher truly show up and deliver effective practices?
Can anyone be included in the class?
How can asana be accessed effectively?

There is a way!

A tried and tested way to design and lead effective chair based yoga classes!

Regardless of your students’ challenges, there is a way to show up and be of service to your students.

Get immediate access to digital download
Half price! Only available on this page. Just £5.99

maria jones chair yoga

Hi! I am Maria!

I am a Health professional and yoga therapist.
I started teaching chair yoga to the Multiple Sclerosis Society locally, almost 5 years ago. 
At start, the challenges my students faced were definitely greater than my yoga trainings at the time. That is why I created this amazing resource!
So your students’ limitations no longer have to define the effectiveness of your practices.
Create connection, community and be of service to your students. 
Give your students access to practices that create opportunities for true transformation.

This can be you too!!

The Chair Based Yoga Manual

You can also deliver chair based yoga classes with ease!

Half price! Only available on this page. Just £5.99

What is included:

All about:your students, the importance and the benefits of chair based yoga.
The Precepts of yoga
Yoga Philosophy applied.
In this section we expand on each element that makes up a chair based yoga class and provide a unique framework that can be used to design and deliver effective chair based yoga classes.
Make yoga another form of therapy through adaptation.
Learn how to target students’ imbalances through the practices of yoga
All the components and resources needed to get you started on your journey of teaching chair yoga.

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Get immediate access to digital download
Half price! Only available on this page. Just £5.99

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