Maria Jones chair yoga specialist

Maria Jones

Fully certified and accredited yoga teacher and therapist. Chair Based Yoga Specialist.

BSc Health (Nutrition Path)
Based in Aberdeen, Scotland

  • CHAIR BASED YOGA: Classes and Training
  • KIDS YOGA: Classes and trainings
  • HATHA YOGA: Asana based yoga classes.
  • ADAPTED YOGA: For therapeutic applications in groups and 1-to-1
  • RESTORATIVE YOGA: classes, workshops and training
  • YIN YOGA: classes and workshops
  • YOGA EDUCATION AND TRAINING: Chair based, restorative, kids and more.
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I am Maria and I use my skills in health sciences (BSc) & yoga and experience in being chronically ill to help people access yoga practices and its associated benefits.
My main goal is to be of service to my students and have a positive impact in the lives of those I teach with chair yoga.

My journey with teaching chair yoga started with the MS society more than 3 years ago. This journey has really re-enforced this notion that yoga is magic, that yoga helps with the overall management of their condition.

As a chronically ill person myself, managing systemic lupus and associated kidney failure, I use yoga to manage many of the challenges and curveballs chronic disease brings:

  • The sadness from the diagnosis.
  • The heartbreak I felt with each remission (flare).
  • The treatments that did not work
  • Endless list of physical symptoms and pain
  • Fear
  • The friends that moved on
  • A successful career (chemical engineer)… lost.

But yoga teaches us to manage and even thrive.
Yoga reveals to us that we are bigger than our self imposed limitations.
In the simple awareness of our breath we can transform the way we mentally and physical feel, like magic.

I teach chair yoga because I believe I can truly help others in a similar position benefit from its practices.
It is a privilege to be in this position everytime I step up to teach a class.
I am simply grateful I can be of service to my students and make a difference with the gift of chair yoga.

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