Genuinely welcome students of all abilities in your classes.

Chair based yoga: a person-centred approach to teaching yoga
• Sure, you completed your yoga teacher training, but it was geared towards more able bodies.
• You started teaching yoga classes, but your students’ challenges are greater than your training. Wrist pain, shoulder mobility issues, kneeling difficulties… “You name it”.
• You may have even started teaching chair yoga, only to quickly realise it is a special skill set.
… Don’t worry, I was there too!

quote chair yoga serrves a purpose greater than asana

Thank you so much for making classes available through the MS society, I really appreciate it. 

Bethan (student)

I really enjoyed today’s seated yoga class. I always feel so relaxed after my yoga sessions with you.

Anne (student)

Maria is loved by our students and we are always able to leave class with a smile on our faces.

Ian (AIMS, Aberdeen)

It’s time to teach the person not the asana!
Chair Based Yoga: Adapted yoga to meet your students where they are!

Imagine you are able to create truly inclusive classes that:

🪑 Target your students’ imbalances… with ease!

🪑 All you need is a chair!

🪑 No additional props

🪑 No need to get to the floor… whether your students can’t or won’t!

A genuine and pragmatic way to design and deliver chair yoga

Excellent both in terms of content during the course and the resources made available for moving forward with your own teaching.
Maria really does live her teachings, and that translates in the very genuine and pragmatic way she both designs and delivers her training.
The chair is a wonderfully versatile prop and this training really opens your eyes to its potential

Dharma Simmons, yoga teacher
Chair Based Yoga: The gateway to all inclusive yoga classes.

✔️ Accessible to those less able, older and chronically ill
✔️ With all the elements of any other yoga class. Chair yoga is not a style or a lineage, it is still yoga
✔️ Adapted to meet your students’ abilities, aims and needs.
✔️ With a strong sense of connection and community

My journey to teaching meaningful & transformational yoga

maria jones chair yoga specialist
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Hi I am Maria Jones.
I was diagnosed with systemic lupus in 2004 and in 2014 I had a kidney transplant that saved my life. In the 10 years it took from diagnosis to transplant I was faced with many challenges that chronic disease brings: fatigue, pain, feeling entirely consumed by my lupus. It also resulted in me giving up a career in the oil industry as a chemical engineer.
I was always a big fan of yoga and movement, so in 2009 when I went back to university to study health. The challenges of another degree course and a 2 year old toddler (at the time) lead me to the yoga mat.
Initially for the movement, but later, as my lupus progressed and my condition regressed, it became more. Means to manage the symptoms of my disease. Means to remain mobile. Yoga became this tool to manage my mindset and life.
So when in 2016 the opportunity to study yoga came along, I was all over it.
I studied yoga in the viniyoga tradition thinking that I can also help others with adapted practices.

In 2017 the opportunity to teach chair yoga for the local MS society arose. It was there I discovered that teaching chair yoga was the gateway to doing what I always set out to do:  help others manage their chronic and age related condition. Because those that are typically attracted to chair yoga classes are older, chronically ill, less able and I think they are those that need yoga the most
Just like I did everytime my lupus flared. Yoga was the one thing that supported me through life, lupus flare and my kidney transplant. It meant so much I could have a positive impact in the lives of others with the gift of yoga… chair yoga.

Learn to deliver inclusive chair based yoga with ease

I am here to teach you exactly how to do it all!

A unique approach to teaching chair based yoga
→ Person-centred approach to teaching yoga
→ Adapted to meet your student’s abilities, needs and goals
→ With a unique 8 step framework that enables you to design and deliver chair based yoga classes with ease.

Maria’s training course and the associated resources and examples provided are excellent. The training package is tremendously helpful in preparing a confident teacher to plan and deliver a well-balanced, timed and client–centred classes.

Sally Spankie (PhD and Yoga teacher, MS sufferer)

Discover everything you need to teach effective chair based yoga classes with ease!


mockup image of a handbook to help you teach chair based yoga

A comprehensive book that shows you how to show up, design, adapt and teach chair yoga.

With A UNIQUE 8-STEP SEQUENCING FRAMEWORK and list of corresponding practices, chair yoga class design has never been easier!

Included in your download: 14x complete chair yoga class plans throughout the book.

EBOOK BONUS: Teach ChaIr Yoga: 3-Part Training.


• Teaching considerations: 
Meet your students where they are.
Make yoga a positive intervention in their lives.
Foster community and inclusion

• Unique sequencing framework
Facilitate progressive movement for all.

• Numerous practices & sequences:
Enable a pick-n-mix approach in the design of your chair yoga classes.

• Adaptation considerations: 
For effective, inclusive and safe delivery of chair based yoga sessions.

• 14x complete chair yoga class plans throughout the book:
For the times you lack time or inspiration

• 11x case studies: 
For your learning and reference

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