Body Positive Yoga

With Gillian McCollum

The messages the sutras put across are more relevant and understood now than ever before. Yet the modern yoga culture could not be further away from portraying that and rather ironically just adding to anxieties people have about themselves. About their shape, size, fitness, health, abilities or even skin colour. Yet the point of yoga is to be a transformative practice that moves us away from these anxieties towards greater awareness, acceptance, kindness, love, appreciation and self-compassion.

As yoga teachers our role is to primarily facilitate this journey of transformation which is truly for everybody. Everybody can practice yoga in some from. Our role is to make yoga a positive intervention in the lives of our students.

The yoga mat, or chair is a refuse for many, the place where they first learn self-love and self-compassion, where seeds are sown for the transformation to begin.

Listen to my discussion with Gillian McCollum about Body Positive Poga on the chair yoga podcast :

About Gillian
About Gillian

Gillian is an anti-diet food and body freedom coach and body positive yoga teacher.
She came to yoga as a way to cope and find peace and freedom with food and her body, and since 2017, has been helping people get off the diet roller coaster and start feeling good in their bodies.
Gillian describes her mission as helping women find lasting peace and freedom with food and their body. Through her group and private coaching sessions as well as Body Positive Yoga, Gillian aims to create spaces where all bodies are celebrated and respected, and to be particularly supportive for those who struggle with body confidence and self-acceptance.