The Meaning of Home The meaning of home often seems like an abstract concept. During this recent pandemic we discovered that home literally meant the physical building we all live in. The bricks and mortar, our property. For some, lucky enough, this same building “felt like home”:– A place where they were safe and soundContinue reading “Home”

Chair Based Yoga For Low Mobility

It Is far more important to promote independence than simply being able to sequence poses or to achieve complicated asana and this is how you teach chair yoga to people with low mobility:
You shift the focus to something that serves them best and independence is a big one for older adults and those with low mobility.


IN CHAIR BASED YOGA Potential chair yoga students are usually faced with greater challenges than general yoga classes.The feel of the class is not the same and therefore the purse of chair yoga classes should not be the same either. In general yoga classes we will find that challenging flows or sequences is likely toContinue reading “INTELLIGENT SEQUENCING”

4 things yoga teach us about self-care.

I discovered yoga almost 11 years ago and at the time I was very stressed with university exams and looking after a toddler. I quickly discovered that exercise and yoga helped me navigate through these times of my life, filled with tantrums and exams. Some of you may also know that I suffer from systemicContinue reading “4 things yoga teach us about self-care.”