4 ways to practice mindfulness in the classroom

My son is already back at school and it is evident that he is feeling a little overwhelmed with – Getting up in the morning– Getting his stuff ready to go to school– New lessons, students and– A new structure.I keep saying that he should just: – Stop and think– Take a breath– Take aContinue reading “4 ways to practice mindfulness in the classroom”

Yoga For Lower Back

A gentle yoga sequence to address lower back pain I have been in pain with my lower back for a little bit of time now. Some of the most common reasons people experience lower back pain are a result of everyday habitual behaviour. Sitting too much, not moving enough, overarching or tucking pelvis under, orContinue reading “Yoga For Lower Back”

4 Sequencing Considerations

in chair based yoga classes. The sequencing framework I offer in my chair based yoga classes is quite unique. I come from an adapted and therapeutic yoga background so, it is very important for me that people not only access the poses, but go beyond that. I want them to access a lot more thanContinue reading “4 Sequencing Considerations”

Acuity of the mind

Maintaining mental sharpness with chair based yoga When I was little my grandmother (yiayia) and grandfather (pappous) were looking after me for the majority of the time. They were active, so we would go to so many places!!I guess in Greece the weather is not this dominant, but good sunny days really enhanced the fun weContinue reading “Acuity of the mind”


The Meaning of Home The meaning of home often seems like an abstract concept. During this recent pandemic we discovered that home literally meant the physical building we all live in. The bricks and mortar, our property. For some, lucky enough, this same building “felt like home”:– A place where they were safe and soundContinue reading “Home”