The safer way to re-introduce yoga back into schools, post covid-19 closures. Schools are reopening tomorrow and it is so vital that they do.However resilient kids are, they have had the brunt of COVID-19: Deprived them of half the academic year. Magnified existing education inequalities. Put children at risk beyond that associated with covid 19Continue reading “YOGA IN THE CLASSROOM”

The Importance of Yoga in the Classroom

I have worked in schools for the last 4 years. It is fun but at the same time it can be frustrating, because the time that is allocated for activity and yoga is significantly less than it should be.Fun and play is the way children learn. When the kids play they are fearless, they tryContinue reading “The Importance of Yoga in the Classroom”

5 things I learned working as a kids yoga teacher

In the 3 years as a kids yoga teacher I discovered that
there is something magical about working with little people;
there is something magical about the way they behave or interact with each other and you.
In these last 3 years I learned more from the children than I ever learned from any training course. This served me in my greater purpose and in my relationship with my own child.