Yoga for Systemic Lupus

The day this post is being published is World Lupus Awareness day!
11th of May 2023!!
It seems fitting on this day and Lupus Awareness Month is the US, May, to publish a new episode of The Chair Yoga Podcast.

A introduction from Nikki:

My name is Nikki Tugnet!
I’m a rheumatologist who works in public clinical practice in Auckland, New Zealand, and I’m also a therapeutic yoga teacher specializing in yoga for arthritis and autoimmune conditions.
I have a special interest in lupus and I take part in regular research in Lupus as a member and an investigator of the Asia Pacific Lupus Collaboration, the A P L C, which is I’m very blessed to be involved in as it’s one of the world’s biggest lupus research collaborations with over four and a half thousand lupus patients globally.

One of the most common questions I get is, “why is a rheumatologist a therapeutic yoga teacher?” And I love answering this question because I am combining my two greatest passions, which is to help people who’ve got arthritis or musculoskeletal or autoimmune conditions. And I’m helping you from two different, very different perspectives.
So I find that being a yoga therapeutics teacher means I get to work one-to-one with you. I get to listen to you and address all the areas of concern that you have. And that really is, as far as I’m concerned, true whole person healthcare. And this is for me, so, Fine, because I get to go into detail with you in ways that perhaps I’m somewhat limited in clinical public rheumatology practice, due to time constraints and the way the healthcare system is constructed.

If you’d like to practice with me, I offer online yoga for arthritis and autoimmunity each week. And if you can’t join in real time due to being, for example, at the opposite end of the world, you can of course receive a recording from me.
The other way to practice with me is through an online therapeutic yoga session where I’ll work one-to-one with you. So if you have health concerns, and especially if you do have. Rheumatic conditions like lupus, arthritis, and other autoimmune conditions, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you are seeing a rheumatologist who understands your healthcare issues, and also seeing a therapeutic yoga teacher to help you move and to reduce the burden of living with a chronic illness.

Nikki Tugnet
IG / FB | @yogadoctornikki
LinkedIn | @NikkiTugnet

The podcast

There were giggles and smiles during the recording, but more importantly an honest two-way discussion about utilising yoga to manage the symptoms of Systemic Lupus and relevant to other autoimmune conditions also.