4 Reasons to Start Teaching Chair Yoga to Older Adults

Chair yoga has provided numerous teaching opportunities in my community with various projects and charities. As a yoga teacher, I have found chair yoga to be the most rewarding part of my job, the gateway to doing something very meaningful. This is not surprising!

chair yoga for older adults

Chair yoga is an accessible yoga practice that serves older adults better than any other population and according to the Office of National statistics this is a growing demographic, with an additional 8.6 million adults ready to celebrate their 65th birthday in the next 50 years in the UK alone (ONS, 2018).
We are living longer, but are we living better?

Older adults are in fact a very diverse group. Many are healthy while others are managing age and chronic related conditions such as high blood pressure, pain, osteoporosis, arthritis,. cardiovascular conditions, respiratory and so on… Many at some point in later life will also experience a fall or loss of independence.


This is not entirely obvious though.
There are so many misconceptions about yoga. The image generally portrayed in the media conveys a message totally contrary to yoga’s real purpose.
Yoga is for everyone, yet the typical yoga practitioner is young svelte, white female wearing expensive leggings.


The image of yoga portrayed by the media does yoga a massive disservice and makes people think that yoga is not for them. The potential benefits to one’s wellbeing from practising yoga are vast.
Scientific evidence suggests that the practice of yoga can:
✔︎ Improve physical health,
✔︎ Improve mental and emotional wellbeing plus
✔︎ It can help with the management of age and chronic related conditions.

PLUS yoga does not discriminate, with benefits reported across all age spectrums.

In my experience teaching chair yoga to older adults

  1. Can get you involved in various community projects that foster community and aim to improve health amongst seniors
  2. You can find a meaningful way to be of service and have a positive impact in your students’ life and the wider community.
  3. You can create numerous teaching opportunities for yourself
  4. Support your students of all ages and abilities in all your yoga class and foster inclusion.