Yoga as a form of Activism

This post is an after-thought to the discussion Gopala Amir Yaffa and I had on my latest episode of “Kids Yoga Matters“.
Gopala is the founder of Rainbow Yoga and his mission, through the practices of yoga is nothing less than World Peace. We ended the podcast last week with the statement that “Yoga is a form of activism”. This truly made me think.

In a world where we are divided by disease and racism it has become apparent that we are social animals and that we truly suffer by separation and loneliness… But yoga can “fix” that…

Through the practices of yoga we can learn to connect. Not only connect with what is deeply true within us, but also with each other. Yoga does not have to be a lonesome, singular practice. By taking the practices into real life we can connect with each other.

“Yoga is more fun… TOGETHER!!!”

Rainbow Yoga

Rainbow yoga is pretty unique with this experience; rainbow yoga places connection in the heart of your yoga experience and learning. If you ever have the pleasure of attending one of the amazing Rainbow Yoga trainings you will quickly find out that “Yoga is more fun together” in pretty much everything you learn.

The practices of bringing people together should not stop at the yoga mat though. It is our duty, as yoga practitioners, to take them off the mat. The yoga mat is not simply an escape from reality, an idealistic place to be, YOUR yoga mat is far more than that.

Through the practice of yoga we face what is true within us. Often I stand corrected in my attitudes towards the world, the prejudice and inequalities. On my yoga mat, while reflecting on compassion for self I am creating understanding and compassion for others.

Love can save the world, starting with that for ourselves, however radical that seems.

Connection with the breath and body can bridge the gap of race, locality and religion. Connection with the true self can bring healing to the heart and the hurt that we experience…
This is not ours alone; we are all the same, we are all connected and can stand united!!

As a Yoga Teacher

It is important when we practice yoga with our students, especially the less able bodies, to remember that yoga is something far more an asana.
Yoga is making space. Yoga is a shift of minds and attitudes…
So even if you are not doing much “asana”, it is OK.
You are not a physical therapist, you are only leading the practice, sharing your energy and your yoga practices on/off the mat.
Value in your classes does not come only from the amount of asana you do. Value comes from the impact you are making in other people’s lives.

This is also true with kids yoga, where alignment is not important or infact asana sequences.
Yoga with the kids is not like regular yoga – you know, we know!!
Yoga with the children is about showing the way to a greater, better future- THEIR FUTURE!
These GREAT ideas in your practice, are as important as asana practices, or even more. You are planting the seeds for a better future for ALL of us, changing the world one child at a time… one yoga student at a time <3