It is my mission to help people realise the infinite potential that exists within the practices of yoga, that expand beyond the asana-verse, beyond the idea that yoga is for people who are young and flexible.
This idea is already portaited in the social media and it is a real pet-hate of mine. Complicated poses only present reasons for people not to practice yoga, not to even try it.
These thoughts, in fact, come to my mind after one of my clients who suffers from fibromyalgia was recently told that she should not practice yoga by her clinician…
Complicated poses and sequences on media in fact present reason of why people must not practice and when you are in this line of “business” to serve people with the one thing you know truly helps, it is utterly frustrating!

Rant aside, the idea of yoga that we need to put into this world is one of harmony and peace, one of calm and quiet, connection and happiness.
Asana is great, truly incredible and indeed serves a purpose, but you do not address chronic pain with just asana. Yoga is more than asana.

Yoga is about creating a positive shift, reach a new more hopeful state, be happy. So when things seem too much, when the idea of a 90 minutes practice is simply too far-reaching and the 20 minutes meditation is not something you have time for what do you do?

6 ways to practice yoga today beyond asana.

1. Breathe:
Seems perfectly simple, but stop for a moment and notice the natural flow of your breath; notice also what happens when you do just that.

2. Be still:
For a moment, be still, truly still, and notice the subtle sensations within your body.
In that moment of stillness ask yourself what is being asked of you and set intentions for your day.

3. Differentiate
Differentiate between the suffering and your reaction to it. If your suffering is physical pain for example, detach your response to it and see if it makes a difference in the way you go about the rest of your day.

4. See the positive impact
Yoga is about creating a positive impact in your life (and others’), not just your body. See the things that do this for you, could a text you read, a hug, something you learnt today that created a shift in mindset, or emotions or even attitude towards something, then acknowledge it.

5. Affirmations
How do you speak to yourself, what do you say? Are you constantly striving, driving, pushing? Instead try and be gentle, kind and acknowledge “you are enough already”.

6. Happiness is your birthright!!
Happiness is the ultimate goal of yoga not enlightenment. Make doing the things that bring you joy your yoga practice for the day.

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chair yoga training toolkit
chair yoga training toolkit