I am an international woman and it is by the power of another woman that I am here today, not merely for she has given birth to me.
She endured an abusive marriage for 7 years, fleeing into her mother’s arms for support 3x before she was allowed to be released of his violence!

In a society not so long ago, where abuse, physical, verbal or other was tolerated to such a degree that she was sent off back to her husband 3x before they acknowledged the fact that he was abusive and incredibly sick (mentally) himself.
Her value was defined by being in a marriage, rather than not being beaten up when he came home drunk… it was 1983

She worked tirelessly to send me to university and ensure that this methodical mind met its potential and did not endure the same fate as hers.
I am an international woman and it is by the power of other women that I became an engineer.
Yet when I arrived in Heriot Watt there were only 6 girls in my cohort… it was 1996.

My mum’s house was not finished being built until 1 years after I finished university and that was a sacrifice she had to make, for me to excel.
I graduated with an Chemical Engineering Bachelors, it was year 2000.

I am an international woman and I have worked on international waters.
The only woman engineer offshore: 5ft 3in, 59 kg with long blonde hair.
There were no coverals or boots that fitted off the shelf. I had to roll up my trousers and sleeves.
I was such a novelty offshore, the boys offered to paint my hard hat pink, only to find out that the spray paint may compromise the integrity of my hat… It was 2002

I am an international woman from Greece who lives in Scotland and has Scotland written in my heart. A country that not only welcomed me to study, but allowed me to build a life and live my full potential, even while unwell.
I was diagnosed with systemic lupus. A disease that mostly women experience. A disease that truly changed my life and defined the path I am currently on. It was 2004.

I am an international woman that cried when I swore my oath to Queen and Country. More British than Greek now.
With a Welshman by my side, a boy that feels Scottish mostly and a Scottish kidney inside of me I was simply grateful for my life here… it was 2015.

I am an international woman

A daughter

A sister

An engineer

A wife

A mum



A scientist

A yoga teacher

I am a woman… it is 2021.