Powerful Chanting

Do you speak nicely to yourself? I am my worst critic and I need to change that.

I still remember the day when my yoga teacher “prescribed” some affirmations for me to go with my yoga practice… there was no way I could manage to say that… not for a long time.
Recently I started Tapping training too and one of the things you start your practice with is “I love and accept myself fully”… Let’s say, it is getting a lot easier…

There is power in our words, so much power in what we say to ourselves and others. There is so much impact words and sound makes in our lives… chanting is a great example.

During one of my masterclasses one of the students asked why is chanting important?
I had to pause and think about it, but my theory is that we become what we tell ourselves: We hear it, we believe it, we act on it and over time we become It.
This is why sound is so powerful.

Let’s think of it this way…
Pretend for a moment, that you are finding it hard to stick to your yoga practice and what you really want to achieve is sticking to a daily practice.
But you believe and constantly declare, that you do not have time to practice, that your yoga practice takes time. It is therefore quite hard to change your actions or behaviour and commit to a daily practice, while allowing these beliefs to lead the way.

But what if you changed your beliefs and you started telling yourself a different story?
What if you scheduled a short practice everyday in your life and changed the words you say to: “I made time for this; I want to do this”.
Changing the story you voice to yourself from “I have to do this, but do not have time” to “I want to do this, I made time” can potentially have a massive impact to you simply’ sticking to a new regime and forming a new habit.
Just by telling yourself a different story.

This is how sound works:
By telling yourself a different story you empower yourself and you become this person overtime that simply practices yoga.
Energetically also, your vibe changes! How you show up changes, making waves, clearing the path ahead, literally forming a new destiny.

Chanting empowers us to connect with something greater than ourselves, sending vibes and making waves (literally) to cleansing blocks (beliefs) and opening our minds and hearts to values, systems and processes previously beyond our reach, forming a new destiny.

Let’s change the stories we tell ourselves, our children and others and show up more effectively in this world.
Seize the opportunities to be of service, make a difference and have a positive impact in the lives of those we teach (chair) yoga to.
Yoga is a gift, because opportunity is a gift and everytime we sit on a chair to teach chair yoga we are given the opportunity to simply serve and do good in this world.

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