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5 reasons why you should be teaching chair yoga already

This is a very strange time for all of us all, all over the globe.
The very vast and fast spread of COVID19 is affecting all of us in our homes and communities.
What is coming through, as an underlying theme, is how dependant we all are on each other, from food supplies, to communicating and connecting with friends and family locally & around the globe.
What is coming through is how the spread of COVID19 has affected this dependency and connection with each other.
As yet another border closes and the death toll rises, the internet remains the only way to connect with each other.
As the whole situation evolves, every person is dealing with their own challenges and uncertainties and although each situation is unique, it is also bound to everyone as a connected body through that uncertainty.

chair based yoga training poster
chair based yoga training

This uncertainty turned into fear for me, the moment I received my Coronavirus “shielded” letter from the Scottish government.
We were already in “lockdown” for a week when the letter arrived and although I knew it was coming, it still “took my breath away”. For a couple of days after that I could barely function.

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I took time out to digest all this, which was a blessing. I discovered that I was suffering from anxiety and it manifested in physical and emotional ways. What I also discovered through those days though, is how I can positively change the way I felt with breathing, chanting and moving, thence practising yoga.

There was still something missing though… human connection, so when the opportunity arose to say hello on Zoom to my students at the local MS Society, I jumped on it like a hawk… and I am glad I did.

I suddenly felt like I was close to everyone again doing our yoga classes. It was a lifeline to me and I bet to many others in that group, that like me are shielded due to the medication they are taking or condition.
I also felt the need that I had to take my yoga classes online also. Until that time I was not really thinking I could do that, but I saw that even through the screen, we shared our energy and love and re-established that beautiful connection between us.

So from this little experience and in the current climate, I wanted to share 5 reasons why you should already be teaching chair based yoga.

1. Create socialising opportunities for your students.

Many of the people that practice chair based yoga are older adults or chronically ill and right now the majority of them are shielded. This means that they are self-isolating for 12 weeks minimum.
I have experienced this for a few days after receiving my self isolation letter and it was not pleasant; so as a family we decided to isolate the whole household, which is working better for everyone’s wellbeing.
Maintaining social interaction is so important for overall wellness and with chair based yoga you can create this opportunity of socialising, bringing people together online and creating this social oasis, where they can meet and interact with their friends.
This is quite typical of chair based yoga classes in general, but in the current environment, even more so.

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chair based yoga training
chair yoga training online

2. People are more open to try new things.

COVID19 has confined us in our homes and opened our minds to new things. Most yoga teachers that usually despaired at the thought of online yoga, have been “forced” to take their classes online in order to maintain flow of income.
Similarly many people that saw yoga as a face to face only interaction, cannot bear the thought of missing out on their weekly practice and joined others in their millions of streaming classes from the comfort and safety of their home.
This tells us that we are all open to try new things and new practices, new people.
An added challenge to chair based yoga online has been the technology the elderly have been unfamiliar with. Forced on a very steep learning curve, we now see more and more older adults during this pandemic using tablets, computers and smartphones in order to stay in touch with friends and family too and attend their their usual activities, including chair yoga.

3. Yoga is the answer

With the media practically pushing fear and uncertainty onto all of us, it is no wonder we start being consumed by stress and anxiety, but yoga can offer these moments of “disconnect” from fear and uncertainty and come back to ourselves.
The medical professionals are telling us that deep slow breathing is vital to immunity and again yoga with the pranayama practices can offer a practical solution during this pandemic.
Finally human bodies were meant to move and groove, so again online chair yoga offers ways to remain active while isolated without the need of any special equipment to practice.

I attend a weekly session with Maria, which is so beneficial to me.
I use the breathing to get a good night’s sleep and I am so relaxed during the meditation.
Thank you Maria!

Maureen Thomson, Yoga Student, Aberdeen

4. A business opportunity

Yoga teachers have been heavily hit financially from this pandemic. In that realisation it might be hard to think of investing money you do not have on upskilling, but new skills can bring new income revenue.
Many charities are currently looking for people to serve their communities and many are paid positions.
Having worked or volunteered with charities over the last 8 years+, I can honestly say that the job is highly rewarding, whether paid or not.
Serving communities in any way possible should be our utmost priority right now and online chair based yoga can create these opportunities to be of service, from the heart and your gift of yoga.

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5. Be a hero

Today let your heart guide you; giving to the world, delivering a solution with chair based yoga online. You can make a difference and even create a big community around you.

Learn all about teaching chair based yoga

Yoga works and chair based yoga right now can be your way of making a difference, being of service to your community and this is why you should already be teaching chair based yoga.

chair based yoga training poster
chair based yoga training

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