Yoga together while staying apart

COVID-19 has shaken my and all of our lives to our core, unemployment and homeschooling became part of the current reality. It’s tough.
Scared and anxious at the start; for my health, and my income, I slowly got my head around a new routine and things started to flow again; a massive change and a steep learning curve, it was tough.

I am unsure though that we are all weathering this storm well:
Many friends lost their jobs, a whole lot more are working from home, a few are getting separated or divorced and others are shielding and isolated. It’s tough.

“Holidays are cancelled
Homeschooling is a pain,
the weather is getting better,
and I am going insane.

My friends are separating
or lost someone they loved.
With just so little money,
how can I keep my home?”

And I try to help by saying “come to yoga”…
I know I can help, so come to yoga, but…
how is yoga a replacement for a sack full of money, or a private jet to the bahamas?
How is yoga the answer to a child that can’t understand?
How is yoga the answer to the husband that chose to walk away?
I empathise, I truly do. It’s tough.

yoga in a covid-19 era

Even on a personal level I know how I feel now, is the built-up of the weeks before; the tears and fears of our times. I know the moment I will step on that mat I will have to face my frustration and anxiety and answer to “what’s stopping you now you have all that time?”.
And I feel fragile, but act brave; oscillate between despair and hope, it’s tough.

So I step on the mat and I move, and I breathe and I am less stuck, it’s not so tough.
I step on the mat, I stretch and I rest, and I am not in pain, it’s not so tough.
No one to judge me, just Cody the dog licking my face, it’s not so tough.
I feel my heart beating, she knows the deep truth, I will be ok, it’s not so tough.

“…when you can accept discomfort, doing so allows a balance of mind…”

Stephen Levine