Grateful is not a feeling

My practice of gratitude officially started back in 2014, I would simply look for things and people and circumstances to be grateful for.
It supported me deeply; showing appreciation through words and actions had a really positive effect on my mindset and how I handled a very difficult year.

During that year I started dialysis and was very unwell. For anyone that has been through kidney failure and dialysis knows that life is pretty hellish. Kidney replacement therapy is tough, not just at the beginning, not just at the end but throughout.
Yet I dug deep and trusted in me, my family, my doctor and generally life. Things were bound to get better…

“With every easy breath I take, I will praise life.
With every difficult breath I take, I will trust in life”

Br. David Steindle Rast

This year I have been driving myself super hard to adapt my business during this pandemic. Of course, like most of us, I want to be rewarded for the hard work and time invested in my business and at times I am simply underwhelmed and disappointed.
It is not that I’m having trouble praising life for its offerings , the opportunities or waves of success, but I am struggling to cultivate an attitude that supports me fully in my ventures.

There is fear, there is suffering and loss all around and during this last year these feelings have even become states of being.
Shielding, job loss, lockdown, isolation it has been hard to see how I can be grateful for these things, maybe even impossible.
And there is no formula to “snapping out of it” either, no magic solution to feeling better, or grateful.

But wait a minute… Grateful is not a feeling!

It is a blessing if it is connected to a feeling, but grateful is also something we do… an attitude.

In this journey of life when we are stopped on our tracks for whatever reason, may that be this pandemic we can learn to still grateful for the opportunity to stop. The opportunity to look, may that be inwards and be grateful for this opportunity presented to us.

Grateful is an attitude!

“Happens what may”!
Make the best of each and every situation!
An attitude that has been incredibly helpful to me in the last 17 years since my lupus diagnosis.

As a chronically ill person the landscape presented to me is fluid.
Over the years I therefore learnt that instead of remaining constantly guarded, expecting for the worse, I try to cultivate faith and hope that whatever happens I can overcome.
This in turn creates so much space for me to grow, try new things , appreciate life and…

Live gratefully

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