See the person behind the asana

On my journey over the last 4 years in teaching chair based yoga and exercise to special populations such as older and special adults and people who struggle with chronic and age related conditions, I have come to realise a few things that keep repeating. Some may call these “themes” or even principles and they become a basis to teaching chair based yoga.
They do not only serve you the teacher in delivering effective and targeted classes with ease, but truly show that you care about your students.

Beyond the asana and the physical aspects of yoga; beyond the age or diagnosis presented in front of you, there is a person with needs, wants, desires. Someone’s mother, sister or daughter, someone’s dad, son or eternal child…
Our job as yoga teachers is to give them an experience that promotes feeling connected, heard, respected… reassured.

Chair Based Yoga offers a purpose greater than asana.

Yuva Yoga

NOT the age, or diagnosis!! There is a very wide range of abilities within “chair based yoga class” demographic! This means each day is different for each and every one of your students.
The use of the chair can provide enough adaptation that accommodates all the different abilities and makes classes truly inclusive.

The ups and downs of chronic and age related conditions are a challenge for both yourself, the teacher and your students! This means that you, the teacher, must cultivate an attitude that allows you to seize the opportunity and remain grateful for the challenges presented to you. There is an opportunity to do good with your gift of yoga.

The feeling of community and connection is one of the reasons people attend chair based yoga classes. The classes become this place where people meet and are understood! The practices serve a purpose greater than asana. Adapted so that students can engage with the yoga and benefit fully!
Not engaging with our yogis only contributes to loss of social confidence and isolation. It is our priority to connect, encourage and praise students every step of their journey with chair based yoga.

Getting trained to teach chair based yoga can therefore be truly beneficial for you, the yoga teacher.
You can discover how to adapt the practice of yoga using a chair and empower older and less-able adults.
Genuinely welcome students of all abilities in your classes

Take the next step!
Learn to adapt yoga practices with the use of a chair, so that you can open the doors to brand new students and make a difference!

chair based yoga training poster