Yoga Therapy- what is it- what to expect

During the last year I have completed over 300h of Yoga Therapy Training. Here is a few things I learned:

1. Therapy training has taught me that yoga can be a powerful tool to reducing our suffering. Simple asana practices can be transformed to advanced practices when the body, breath and mind are fully aligned, to bring relief & joy. The simple addition of a prayer or mantra can even transform your practice even further, without having to stand on your hands or bring your legs behind your ears …

2. Everyone experiences Yoga differently, which is why Yoga therapy is very personal. There is no such thing as a practice or pose etc for an ailment… there’s only a personal practice for you, to support you in your “suffering”. In a yoga therapy session everything is tailored for you in agreement with you.

3. A yoga therapist is NOT a doctor or a councillor. Yoga therapy does NOT intend to replace any medical treatment. Yoga will not simply alleviate your illness. Yoga WILL though support you through your suffering.

Note: No 1 answer for undiagnosed conditions, especially, is SPEAK TO YOUR DOCTOR.

4. For yoga therapy to work, one must FIRST and foremost practice. Simply going to see a yoga therapist weekly/fortnightly/etc is not enough. Awareness of an imbalance, may indeed happen in a yoga therapy appointment, but it is only the start of your healing journey.

5. Societal (lifestyle) and psychological parameters play a major part in one’s wellbeing. How to potentially apply yoga on these aspects of one’s life – beyond asana and pranayama- can be more transformative than the asana and pranayama itself.

6. Never discount your own knowledge, it is hidden inside of you, let Yoga help you see, reconnect ….

During an appointment we will speak about YOU, what you want to achieve and why.

I will watch you move, breath and generally be, without judgement or prejudice, but with kindness and curiosity.

We will discuss and hopefully agree on everything you take away with you. Speak your mind, I am there for you… Trust in the process <3