The last 7 months have been really hard for most of us with a big impact on our health; all aspects of our health.
The last 7 months have brought home truths about our lifestyle, the world as it is and ourselves.

As things came to a halt the 1st thing I noticed was how much nicer it is to not have to run around delivering classes and how exhausted I was doing so.
I noticed my son growing up and being this really sensitive boy. A kind caring little soul, however much he voices his objections to our instructions or orders… constantly!
I also noticed how little I was looking after myself. I was just scraping by on that area of my life, with my meditation walks and 5am starts to journal… it did not look good and the things I needed were right inside my home instead.

7 months on and as we are coming back to face yet another set of stricter restrictions this will serve as a reminder to me and hopefully other yoga teachers on the things we need to do to fill up our cup in order to be of service to those we serve, our students.

Your 5-a-day to selfcare

CONNECTION is vital. We are social beings and loneliness can have a detrimental effect to our overall health.
So jump onto a mindful online yoga class where you can and make space to connect with body, breath and mind.
It doesn’t have to be the same as an in person class… it can be better. Bring enrichment in your life and others’ by simply looking after yourself.

LEARNING makes you more confident and it is fun. Without trying to be cheeky, what else are you going to do with all that free time? With many courses going online you can save time and money on travelling too. So go for it!

REFLECT on your achievement and all the great things about YOU!! Often, we are our worst critics, but when you increase the caring of yourself, you begin to sense the beauty that lies within; all you have to do is stop and reflect, come to know who you truly are. If you find this hard, then ask a friend or your family to tell you what is good about you, you will be surprised what comes back.

STAY ACTIVE because your body thrives on movement. Walk, cycle or even attend an online class, there are many ways to achieve this. Especially if you are working from home, take the time to step away from your computer and ease discomfort but stepping outside for some fresh air and change of perspective.

ACKNOWLEDGE your needs! This is in fact a really big one for people. We feel oblige to carry on and to look after our family and loved ones, our students, but we are not serving anyone when we are tired, frustrated or exhausted.
Resting when we need to, declining invitations, writing things down and avoiding certain people can be incredibly nourishing to ourselves. Start with the easy one and go to bed early 1 evening a week, it is that simple.

Selfcare is rarely about bubble baths and cuddles, though they do serve their purpose too. Selfcare is about looking after your heart and energy and the more you realise that although your heart may be infinitely big to take everyone on board, your energy is not.

So take care of you, unique and beautiful you x

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