4 Ways to introduce Yoga in the Classroom

Introducing yoga in the classroom can be incredibly beneficial for the children as discussed in The Importance of teaching yoga in the classroom.

  • It can be a great way to introduce some fun in the classroom
  • The poses and movement allows to release physical tension
  • It can bring the focus back into the lesson at hand
  • Yoga brings kids together in harmony
  • The practice of yoga is great for health and wellbeing
  • Yoga teaches to relax and prepares for meditation.
  • Yoga teaches to accept ourselves and circumstances and just be.

In order for kids to engage in the practice we must make the practice fun, practice together and be flexible in our approach of teaching yoga in the classroom as discussed in The Principles of Teaching Yoga in the classroom.

As the popularity of yoga increases you might want to also introduce yoga in your classroom and it is truly easier than you think.
Chair Based Yoga make yoga accessible in the classroom without the need for extra space, room or even (dare I say it time).

chair yoga in the classroom and school

Yoga Cards or Posters

Yoga cards or posters are a great way to introduce yoga to the children.
They allow for the kids to become familiar with the poses, but they also offer many opportunities for yoga games and creativity

Yoga Breaks in the Classroom

Yoga breaks in the classroom are short ways to introduce yoga in the classroom. It can be any yoga related activity like a yoga flow or a quick breathing practice.
Yoga breaks in the classroom offer the opportunity to create balance in the classroom; bring focus back into a lesson or even energise the children

My Yoga in the Classroom Training Manual has over 30 ways which can be used to introduce yoga breaks in the classroom.

Yoga Classes

You can make yoga part of the daily or weekly routine by introducing lengthier yoga practices.
A framework is provided that allows you to mix and match the activities in the manual to create numerous class plans and make them part of the weekly or daily routines.

Introduce yoga into the curriculum

Use themes and ideas in line with the curriculum to create yoga that the classroom. It can be a geographical place, ideas from a favourite book, and era in history.
Let creativity and imagination guide you and engage the children in activities that allow them to discover more about the subject and yoga.

53 chair yoga cards
colourful cards for yoga in the classroom